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Why to register on

Our plan for the future is to create the biggest possible database of developers, designers, managers and all different bunch of people from IT community that live and work in Serbia.
Also, main plan is to promote a website to recruiters, investors, and managers. So, very soon, the main audience on the website would be people who are searching for a quality that undoubtedly lies in Serbian IT community.
So, if you want to be visible, you should definitely Register :)

I am not a developer, I'm here to find people, can I register?

Of course, you can. When you go to Register page, before the register form, click on the link that says Click here if you're not a developer and you're here to find one 🙂. After that, fill in the form with all the required details, activate your account and you're done.
You'll then have a special type of profile, you won't be visible in any searches but you'll be able to search other users and message them.